Patent practices in the following fields of law:

Patent Law

Our patent specialists in each specialized department have diverse backgroud and experience in various areas of expertise of the office. We have academic and technological expertise as well as practical disciplines in various aspects of industrial property. We advise and counsel clients from corporate to individuals in prosecuting industrial property applications in Korea and in foreign countries. The firm also renders professional advice on novelty, patentability, and invalidity matters.


Our office has a very considerable trademark practice, with four partners and several other trademark professionals working exclusively in this area. We offers a full service including database seaching, watching, filing and prosecuting applications to registration and post-registration procefures including maintenance and enforcement as well as counselling all stages of trademark protection.

We have a number of paralegal who under partner's supervision co-ordinate the substantial world-wide trademark filing and prosecution activities of multinational clients using on-line computer communication techniques. Our office has expertise to advise and manage the trademark portfolios of multinational corporations on a worldwide basis and devise trademark filing schemes for protection and acquistions of trademark right from a strategic business perspective.

Computer Program Protection

With strong academic backgroud and technical practices in computer science, we handle the registration of computer software and render technical and legal advice on the issue illegal use and infringement.

Intellectual Property Info. Service

In-house computerized facilities enable us to provide our clients with technical and trademark search and ensure access to up-to-date information concerning laws and related matters. We have accumulated know-hows and experiences in searching and reporting valuable information on patents, utility models, designs and newly developed advanced technology.


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